About Us

Whether you’re looking for a luxury house in a rural setting built to uncompromising standards, an easy to maintain, modern apartment in town or something in between, you’ll discover your perfect housing match with Blewbury Homes.

Putting our homeowners first

We are committed to building exceptionally crafted homes, delivering excellence as standard. We believe that attention to detail, a commitment to uncompromising standards, high specification as standard, innovative technology and quality that we are confident in is non-negotiable. We will challenge the perceptions you have of new builds with smart design and exceptional value in hand-picked locations across England. 

Craftsmanship and Care

We are committed to providing a home that is bespoke to you. We will offer upgrades as standard, and modern technology additions that will make life easy while ensuring a home feels like a home from the very first day. 

Why Choose Us

30 Years of Experience

Our team have experience from all sectors of the property market – from land sourcing, legal expertise, financing, construction, marketing and sales of the finished units. 

Excellence as Standard

We work to satisfy the highest expectations from our potential buyers. Flawless execution of previous projects has afforded us a reputation as a developer who strives for perfection, and settles for nothing less.

We Deliver

We believe a home is a collaboration; if you reserve off plan, you can tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll do all the hard work to make it happen. Wherever possible we’ll allow you to choose materials and colours, making your property unique to you.