There’s no denying that a thatched roof adds lots of character to a property. Whilst many homes have a humdrum uniformity to their appearance, thatched properties have a warm and rustic charm that simply cannot be beaten.

Despite water reed having been used in the UK for centuries, there is often a lack of knowledge or misconceptions associated with thatch roofing. Allow us to outline some of the key reasons why we believe you should fall in love with our thatched properties including Blewbury Copse.

Great durability – Thatched roofs are typically very durable and long-lasting. With proper maintenance, they can last for decades. Rest assured the thatch at Blewbury Copse is made from a water reed with a life span of approximately 50 years, it’s based on the Dorset model and meets all fire and building regulations.

Excellent for insulation – Thatch provides excellent insulation, meaning your thatched home will stay warm in the winter and keep cool during the summer. This allows you to save on heating costs and reduces your carbon footprint.

Natural soundproofing – The thick reed roofing provides fantastic natural soundproofing from transport nearby and allows you to relish the peaceful tranquillity of your new home.

Environmentally friendly – Thatch is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you can use for a roof. The materials used are grown and harvested without the need for machinery and are usually sourced from rural communities.

Weatherproof – The way in which thatched roofs are laid at an angle and packed down ensures that water runs off the surface instead of being absorbed. Therefore, a well-maintained thatched roof should be just as waterproof as a conventional roof and it can withstand very strong, even gale force winds.

Ages well – Like a fine wine, thatched roofs tend to age very well and will shape into natural forms that add to its charm and character. Thatch also darkens with age, helping it to blend into the surrounding area.

Insurance – It’s commonly misbelieved that thatch is more expensive to insure but, as with all insurance, if you shop around for a specialist it’s generally not more than conventional roofed houses. Of course, you might find that a specialist thatched house insurance provider is more expensive but then offers more comprehensive cover. A good place to start is with a ‘thatch directory’ – we’ve included this in the useful links below.

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Disclaimer – The above information is believed to be correct but neither the selling agents nor Blewbury Homes guarantee their accuracy. These particulars are intended as a guide and act as information to prospective buyers. They are not an offer, warranty or contract, or part of one.