A new build home offers an exciting blank canvas on which to imprint a style which will work for you.

Some elements may already have been decided, at Blewbury Homes the majority of our properties are already fitted with A+ integrated appliances, high quality wood floors and quartz or granite worktops which removes some of the hassle and cost, and allows you to focus on the finer touches.

One point to consider, it is recommended that any painting and wallpapering should wait until after a new build has had 12 months to dry out from the construction process.

During this time, you’ll have a chance to research online, gain inspiration from magazines or design shows (e.g. Ideal Home Show), and you’ll be able to test samples. Ensure that indoor plants that you may have positioned are in the best location to survive, play around with furniture and layout to fit with your needs and take your time, so that the décor is going to work in a practical sense.


Top decorating tips and hints on how to decorate your new build home

Hallways – The place to make your first impression. We find tiled or wood flooring that can be easily cleaned when footprints inevitably appear is always a practical and stylish option.

You will want to allow for as much light and space as possible e.g. storage for all those shoes and coats. Considered lighting, big mirrors or a painting with a personal touch can also work well.

Hallway at Chenson Gardens, Tendring.


Living room – Depending on the room dimensions you may wish to use tall pieces of furniture to make a low-height room look taller and use mirrors along with light paint colours to enhance space.

In contrast, if decorating a large room, it can appear daunting so create zones or separate areas/designs to break up the space.

It’s so easy to misjudge the scale of a large piece of furniture. Sofas can seem deceptively small in the warehouse so ensure you measure and plan carefully before purchase.

Living room at Blewbury Copse, Little Kineton


Master bedroom – Different textures can work well in a master bedroom – metals, mirrors, materials all add depth. However, it’s important to avoid over cluttering a room, especially one with a raison d’etre of tranquillity. As tempting as all those knick-knacks may be, they can easily create a distraction.

Master bedroom
at Blewbury Copse, Little Kineton


Kitchen – A timeless, neutral colour scheme with lots of practical cupboard space is a must for any kitchen. Maximise work space by having a clutter free area and if desired a worktop may combine with bar chairs to make a breakfast counter.

Open plan kitchen
at Blewbury Copse, Little Kineton


Bathroom – Bathrooms should have an element of stylish luxury. We find centrally placed taps are an added bonus to any bathtub avoiding the uncomfortable edge to lay your head or feet. Glass shower doors add instant square footage and if you can run floor tiles straight into the stall it makes the room feel larger.

Bathroom at Chenson Gardens, Tendring.


Children’s bedrooms – A top tip for decorating children’s rooms is to choose a scheme that will work as they get older without the need for constant alternations. Classic neutral furniture in particular will look good even if the theme or colours change.

Chenson Gardens 12
Childrens’ playroom at Chenson Gardens, Tendring.


Gardens – You may wish to keep things simple and have nothing more than an-easy to maintain lawn in your new build garden or replace part of the lawn with patio or another surface.

Alternatively, you may wish to create an ‘established feel’ to the garden with some low-cost plant options, e.g. Portuguese Laurels. A popular option is to use height in your garden with some carefully chosen trees or shrubs to help give a sense of privacy.  Ensure that you consider the soil type before planting, new builds often require you to add decent top soil or use raised beds and planters to bring the top soil above ground level.


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